Friday, July 26, 2013

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

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Sunday, September 9, 2012


It's Sunday, and tomorrow gonna be noonday~ when we don't feel like doing anything, then we will felt the time pass that quickly.... And when we feel like getting faster to reach the time and the day that we waiting for.. Then will felt that time goes that slow.... But now, I felt that time pass quickly in the moment...

It's also time to go back to school tomorrow... But I like to go school in the moment  .. Because I Can saw my beloved new friend ☺Eheheh , it just start my school life for the third week only... There are 11classmate in my class. Our class rep in call Xavier, my friend is call Joey and Irene, and also cola,Brenda, azwee, alen, Raymond, Amelia b, jarred and me...:p haha.... They are quite friendly and nice friend...
Last week is the first study week and also consider the old week.. We having kitchen class it also learn fundamental of cuisin class..  We having applied tech in the first day, it's do funny that day.. Because most of my classmate that we haven met before, they all went to the wrong clas... Hhaha.. It's because of the student portal, they make the group 4 timetable for us, soo only Irene and me ask the ppl there and it lucky that we met our lecturer that time... So he bring us to the right class and he gave half an hour time for us to find ous classmate back.. Butwe not even met them before that time.. How to find? Lastly we know that they went to group 4 class... Hahah
Second day we having pastry class.. Lecturer teach us how to make cream caramel... The taste is abit like egg tart...  It's quite nice... But is only can haven abit on it.. Because it's quite fat and belly feel full.. It include cream, milk, sugar, and egg.. That why it fat...hahaha..
The third day we try to hold the knife and use the technique, and method of cutting to cut our vegetable... And our class rep, Xavier in the first few minute already injured,,,== ahahaha... He so careless... That why our lecturer say he is out champion that day...😓😁
It's fun in my clas.. They will work together.. And play together..hehe
That what had happened in the first week school! Hehe😝

Friday, October 29, 2010

你最好 四千金

When i still young, i very like to hear their song,
And this song i had heard very long ago,
then when wed after we finish our add-math exam,
i chit-chat with my baby,
suddently we heard talk about song,
then i realise my baby and me are very like this song soo much,..^^
and here are the lyrics for this song!!
敏:传字条 下课钟怎麼还不响
凯:昨天的电视剧 演到哪里了
君:比一比 谁最多偶像的海报
红:一样的制服 在风中轻轻飘

君/红:书也能够念得好 做不做得到

合:希望友谊万岁 还有朋友可以唱到老
百尺竿头 更进一步 爸妈才会笑
我们手牵著手 不要烦恼 有你很重要
我知道 我开心 因为你最好

凯/敏:开学后好无聊 放假该多好
可是放假后 也无聊 朋友不见了
君/红:不喜欢 你和他 好像比较好
偶尔吵一吵 才转身 就和好


Shopping with my fishball baby...^^

Today, my fishball baby pei yin, jun wen, siet yen and me go to curve to buy the thing for halloween!

Today is our last paper for our final exam...=)
after school, we go to toilet to have a change,
siet yen and jun wen change whole uniform
but nany and me just change the shirt and the shoe, skirt still remain.
then baby brother come and fetch us to curve.
at ikano, we go to toysrus to see our costume and other....
after that, we went to cold storage there, there have a lot of japanese food, biskuit and many many...
i brought a 'hello panda' biskuit, one garlic bread and a chocolate...
later, we wait for my sister and yih wern,
siet yen and yih wern are hungry,
so they go to have there lunch..!!

so we separate, jun , baby, my sister and me go to find our costume..
we went to alot of shop but still cant find our dress..
lasty we found those accessories in diva there....

wao!!! my sis and me buy until 100 at there...><
then we also went to the face shop there to see those nail polish...
erm... my leg walk too much will getting pain. haiz...
but we still very happy while we shopping together!

so tomorow we will go to one u to continue our shopping...
this time i will go out with baby, yee shan, my sis and her friend too.....
so let see tomorow what we had brought... hehe^^


Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday my baby pei yin came to my house....
she came at 2 oclock...^^
In the morning, i ask my aunt help me brought 30 fish ball.....
then when she came to my i bring her go to have a look in my house,
after that i teach her account....
coz she doesnt know how to do....=(
when we do until half,
i ask my maid help me bail 10 fishball,
while we doing our account, in the same time we are enjoying our fishball too...

5pm baby pei yin want to go back le, 6pm she will have a party in her friend house!!

And me also want to go to my mom cafe and have a look,
coz my mom cafe have a wedding dinner,
but yesterday that dinner decoration not beauty as the 1st time that one.....=="
after that, we went to kepong there to have our dinner,
we eat 'bak kut teh'...
then we went back to home.... that time i feel very tired and sleepy....
that all for yesterday....


Friday, October 8, 2010


如果云 是天空的呼吸
风是我 慌张的叹息
回忆是 爱的延续
只因为 你和我已经 不在一起
当我们同在一起 在一起 在一起
空气里 有午后的暖意
我听着 沙沙收音机
突然间 下起了雨
雨让我 好想好想你 想抱着你
当我们同在一起 在一起 在一起
在一起 在一起 其快乐无比

你是我 曾经的甜蜜
我是你 爱情的过去
那一段 美好的记忆
我们都 不能够忘记
因为我 很爱很爱你
所以能 微笑着离去
虽然我 不会在见你
幸福是 我们曾经在一起

你是我 曾经的甜蜜
我是你 爱情的过去
那一段 美好的记忆
我们都 不能够忘记
因为我 很爱很爱你
所以能 微笑着离去
虽然我 不会在见你
幸福是 我们曾经在一起

空气里 有午后的暖意
我听着 沙沙收音机
唱什么 听不清晰
因为我 傻傻的笑着
当我们同在一起 在一起 在一起
在一起 在一起 其快乐无比